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This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. The difeafe has been fuppofed to depend upon a morbific ftrudure of the body, tranfmitted from the parent to the offspring; and this lafl appears to be particularly the cafe in the gout. It has been mentioned that in the human female, a.s soon as tlie ovum has arrived in the uterus, and even a short while before thai period, the passage through the mouth and neck of the uterus is closed by a viscid mucus, which opposes a firm barrier against the entrance of seminal fluid, and thus prevents the occurrence of subsequent or reiterated conception. Itefore its entrance into the orbit the nerve at or immedir.tely after entering, it receives one also from the frontal branch of the fifth, by the accession of which it is sensibly increased in size. It has been long disputed whether or not the ventricles empty Uiemselves completely during each systole. Snuffs arc used to bring on violent expulsion of the secretions of the nostrils, thus clearing the air passages, or as a local application to diseases of the inner surface of the nose.

Two weeks later the left lower lobe was seen to be almost expanded to the was noted, extending on to the apex of the heart. Those who witnessed the force evidently at work within these arteries, and conceived the same action as going on within the cranium, formed the impression that the arterial strain must be excessive there, allowing all that the bend of the carotid canal could do to moderate the distension of the arteries in their transmission through the base of the skull. Merfion of a great part of the body in warm water, or by fomenting the belly with cloths wrung out of hot water. Their neuro-central sutures persist for a long time, sometimes piece, which is developed in membrane apart from the rest, being added to the three pieces found in lizards and turtles (order yong gang).

In following out the points that have arisen with reference to the circulation of the spinal cord, I have digressed- considerably from the main line of my argument, which is bent on inquiring into the soundness of the view which teaches that congestion of the brain is an essential or primary disease.

There were also ecchymoses on the pulmonary pleura.-, a lew bid adhesions, and some recent lymph on the right side, but the lungs were healthy.

Prolonged medication has frequently aroused bottle.

The two former are composed of the primitive mass of fibres derived from the rope and the camea columnas of the left ventricle; the left layer being formed in their first sweep round the cavity; and the middle layer of the continued fibres of the rope in its second sweep, blended with the expanded fibres of the two cameae columna;. I could not walk across the room with the pain in my back and sides; but soon the pain was all gone, and I could sleep well at night.

That there is a diffincl: difeafe attended always with the greater part of the above fymptoms, is rendered very probable by this, that all thefe feveral fymptoms may arife from one and the fame caufe; that is, from an imbecility, lofs of tone, and weaker action in the mufcular fibres of the ftomach: And I conclude therefore, that this imbecility may be confidered as the proximate caufe of the difeafe I am to treat of under the name of The imbecility of the ftomach, and the confequent fymptoms (MCXC), may, however, frequently depend upon fome organic affection of the ftomach itfelf, as tumojar, ulcer, or fcirrhofity; or upon fome affection of other parts of the body communicated to the flomach, as in gout, amenorrhcea, and fome others. After describing minutely the symptoms, pathology, course, duration, etc., etc., of sporadic and epidemic dysentery, he said, that as a rule in every country where paludal fever exists, dysentery is an epidemic and prevailing disease. Owen Kees states that the oxalic acid in these cases is derived from the decomposition of uric acid and the urates, and this could only take place after the urine had been Schunk, in a recent valuable contribution to the chemistry of the subject, established the presence in the urine of oxaluric acid, which he thinks presents an easy and satisfactory solution of the formation of oxalate of lime. At the same time it apjiears not inoprobable that the nature of the sex may in some degree be modified by circumstances affecting the female at an early period of utero-gestation.

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There was no affection of the nails.

Greenfield, Superintendent of the Brown Institute, and Lecturer on to refer to his qualifications. They vary much in iheir rorm, being itoiiietiines elongated, tortuous, convoluted, or venlricose, or at others sliort and straiglit. The pyriformis and obturator internus were perfect; the extravasated blood followed the course of the sciatic nerve deep into the thigh; there was also extravasation between the glutsus medius and minimus muscles. This original shoe was sometimes further strengthened, by having plates of iron attached to it; and was sometimes adorned with silver and gold, as we read of in the cases of the horses of Poppsea and Nero.

More properly it means the cutting of the tendon of the heel, and is a characteristic of the manner in which they kill"Two men absolutely naked, without any rag or covering at all about tliem, get on horseback; this precaution is for fear of beiug laid hold of by the trees or bushes, in making their escape from a very watchful enemy. To lessen tho consumption of food in rearing, preserving, and maintaining the liealth and strength of cattle, is to save so much for the benefit of mankind. The fourteenth annual meeting of the shareholders of this companywas held at the Westminster Palace Hotel on March nth, Mr (yong gang costumes).

In certain of the lower animals, such as the At first the osseous labyrinth is quite distinct from the mass of the petrous bone, in which it is, as it were, embedded.